1919 Vineburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Fuad Aghayev freight transport company

There are issues for new beginners.

When I started the freight transport company, there were not enough sources from which new owners could learn and improve their business. Books are all about simple steps, which, if you have business experience, you can see before starting. I have promised myself I will share my knowledge when I get experience in this business.

Every freight transport company needs a place to carry their loads. We usually called in trucking business “yard”. When we started our own carrier business, we were already in the warehouse business. So it has helped us open our yard to lead loads. You cannot lead a carrier business with a straight mind. You have to be more creative and have the courage to try new things. So, even if you have a truck, you should not just use it for one job. You have to use this truck for 24 hours. There is no one way to make money in trucking. So, we have opened our new 1-acre facility near Los Angeles to manage our loads. It helps us manage loads. It means our growth is getting bigger. Also, we give as a service to other companies so they can lead their own loads. Also, we have forklift services. They any time can use it and so, imrpove their earing for each load. 

Before we start trucking, we have to know we will put in a lot of effort. More than that, work and be creative; be very close to numbers.


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